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About More Than the Talk

It's hard to talk with teens about sex. We want young people to become healthy adults. We want to equip them with the values and skills needed to navigate complex situations. Yet, the simplest anatomy question can stop us in our tracks. 


...but why???

Because almost no one talks about sex. Ever. It’s "not polite" and it’s uncomfortable. And it’s hard to talk about a topic when we have no frame of reference for how the conversation should go.

This is why we created More Than The Talk.

We strive to...

  • Equip adults and teens with information that is thoroughly vetted and well-researched

  • Highlight the importance of open, honest communication between parents and kids 

  • Teach adults and teens how to discuss uncomfortable topics

  • Provide reproductive health resources 

  • Educate community members about effective strategies to prevent teen pregnancies and improve the overall sexual health of local teens

Participating Organizations

More Than the Talk is a collaboration between Prosper Waco and the Healthy Women and Children’s Coalition -- a partnership made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Waco Foundation.

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The mission of the Prosper Waco initiative is to build an environment in which all members of our Waco community are able to measurably improve their education, health, and financial security.


The mission of the Healthy Women and Children is to change a community’s knowledge, attitudes, and behavior regarding preterm births, its risk factors, and strategies to prevent it.

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