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The talk is an
ongoing conversation.

Teens in our community are ready to talk about SEX. They want to be informed and make healthy decisions. More Than the Talk equips McLennan County parents and mentors with the resources they need to discuss sexual health with young people.

How do I talk to teens about sex?

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Empower your teen to make informed decisions about their sexual health.

Information is power. Studies have shown that teens who discuss sexual health with trusted adults are more likely to delay sex and make healthier decisions. Click here for more information and resources.

We created More Than The Talk to break down communication barriers.

  • To support parents and adult mentors as they navigate sexual health conversations with teens. 

  • To educate teens about sex, delaying pregnancy, and making healthy choices.

  • To re-engage the entire Waco community in a relevant dialogue about teen pregnancy prevention, reproductive health, and effective sex education.

Happy Family


young mothers are 6 times more likely to experience persistent poverty than girls without children.


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