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Do teens want to talk with adults about sex?

The answer is a resounding, emphatic...YES!!!

(Even if they complain and roll their eyes.)

Parents are the single largest influence on their teens’ decisions about sex.

Power to Decide has conducted multiple national surveys about the role of parents in educating teens about sex. Each time, the results are the same: teens care what their parents think about sex.

In fact, research shows that informed teens who receive sex education and talk with their parents about sex are more likely to delay sex and use contraception more consistently.

And the feeling is mutual....

Texas parents feel strongly that they should be their child’s primary sex educators.

A 2020 gap analysis conducted by 1000 Feathers for the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, found that 96% of Texas parents surveyed felt they should be their child’s primary sex educators.

But there’s a disconnect...

Parents and teens still aren’t talking about sex.

The 2020 gap analysis also showed that 99% of the parents surveyed said more efforts to talk about sex were needed at home.

Similarly, only 17% of young adults said that conversations they had with their parents about sex were helpful, and only 14% of young adults said they always have open and honest conversations with their parents.

Don’t let this data discourage you. Parenting is hard! And More Than The Talk has plenty of local and online resources to make these conversations easier.

Prosper Waco also offers a free training that teaches adults how to talk about sex with teens.

Askable Adults Matter (AAM) is a training that’s helpful for all adults. Parents, teachers, faith leaders, youth-serving organizations, organizational leadership. Anyone. We all have teens who look to us for answers.

During this training, you will:

  • Learn how to build relationships with teens that are based on trust and mutual respect

  • Review sexual health basics

  • Use real-life scenarios to practice listening and conversation strategies

Contact Beth Olson at Prosper Waco for more information.

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