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Why is it so hard to talk about sex?

What is it about sex that makes even the most supportive parent (or other trusted adult) freeze up? You love your kids. You want them to be healthy adults. You equip them with the values and skills needed to navigate so many complex situations. Yet, somehow, the simplest anatomy question can stop Super Mom in her tracks.

But why?

Because it’s hard to talk about sex when we have no frame of reference for how the conversation should go.

You’ve been taught your whole life that sex is not an acceptable topic of conversation. It’s private, and it’s not polite. Your parents probably didn’t talk to you about sex. Or if they did, it felt like an awkward scene from an 80s sitcom. Adults don’t even talk to each other about sexual health. Think about it. When was the last time you casually chatted about birth control side effects at a nice dinner party?

Simply put -- we don’t get much practice saying sexual things out loud. let’s change that!

Practice saying sexual health words out loud. Penis, vagina, erection, semen, vulva, labia, sex, etc. It may feel awkward, but it’s easy to get tripped up on language. Speak in front of a mirror, or practice with a friend or family member.

Take advantage of local training opportunities!

Prosper Waco offers a free training that teaches adults how to talk about sex with teens.

Askable Adults Matter (AAM) is a training that’s helpful for all adults. Parents, teachers, faith leaders, youth-serving organizations, organizational leadership. Anyone. We all have teens who look to us for answers.

During this training, you will:

  • Learn how to build relationships with teens that are based on trust and mutual respect

  • Review sexual health basics

  • Use real-life scenarios to practice listening and conversation strategies

Contact Beth Olson at Prosper Waco for more information.

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