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Learn about sex.

Your friends are wonderful, and so is Google. But when it comes to learning about sex, it’s best to talk with trusted adults and stick to well-researched, factual websites.


We created More Than The Talk to answer your questions about sex, pregnancy prevention, and relationships. We present facts so that you can make informed, healthy decisions.


Talk about it.

Talking with your parents or a trusted adult about sex can be … awkward. But the more often you talk about it, the easier it gets.


Try using this website to start a conversation with your trusted adult. Look through the resources together. Show them the other website specifically designed for adults who care about teens.  We are here to make these conversations easier.


hey, I have to tell you something...

So, how do I talk about this stuff?

It’s not always easy to talk about sex and relationships. Here’s a tool to guide you through those tough conversations.

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Accurate information empowers you to make healthy decisions.

This website provides expert information about sexual health, but it’s also important to find a trusted adult for conversation about specific situations.

We created More Than The Talk to break down communication barriers.

  • To educate teens about sex, the importance of delaying pregnancy, and making healthy choices.

  • To support parents and adult mentors as they navigate sexual health conversations with teens.

  • To re-engage the entire Waco community in a relevant dialogue about teen pregnancy prevention, reproductive health, and effective sex education.



delaying pregnancy has shown to improve lifelong income, health, and education for mothers and babies.


Find a clinic

Need a doctor’s appointment?

Sometimes you need to see a doctor but don’t know where to begin. Taking care of your body is part of growing up. Use this clinic locator as a starting place.

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